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  • How can I get a quote for drone services?
    In the upper right corner of the webpage click the 'Get Quote' button. The page will redirect to a form, please input all of the information requested and we will be in contact with you soon!
  • Why am I required to sign a 'Drone Service Contract'?
    Good question! All of our clients are required to review and sign a drone service contract. The contract helps to layout what the project entails and the terms that were agreed to such as details regarding photos, videos, editing, etc. The contract is designed to protect all parties involved. If you have more questions about the drone service contract, please contact us.
  • What happens if a drone shoot has to be canceled?
    In the event of bad weather or any other circumstance that affects the safety of the operation, cancelation may occur. We do our best to monitor weather conditions and other events that may affect an operation. Clients will not be charged if an operation is canceled, we will simply reach out to resechule.
  • What drone will be used for my project?
    Galactic Droneography uses the advanced DJI Phantom 4 Pro. DJI is the industry leader with drone technology. The Phantom 4 Pro is a highly sought after drone due to its various intelligent flight features and crisp clear images that are out of this world. The Phantom 4 Pro records 4k still images and videos at 30 or 60 frames per second (FPS). With 30 minutes of flight time per battery, no project is out of reach.
  • Can videos be delivered in different resolutions?
    Because some websites and social media platforms limit the resolution of videos, we offer various resolution options. Videos can be delivered in 4K, or compressed into 1080p or 720p formats which are ideal for posting to websites, social media, etc.
  • How do I pay for the drone services when the job is complete?
    After the job is complete, we will send you the images/videos. From there, an invoice will be sent to your email that can be paid directly online.
  • Does Galactic Droneography carry a Liability Insurance Plan?
    Yes, our standard liabilty insurance plan is a $1,000,000 policy. The amount of coverage can be increased if needed depending on the operation.
  • What photo format will still images be shot in?
    All of our photos are taken in both jpg and RAW file formats. We prefer to use RAW image files because RAW images contain more data which allow for higher quality images and precision editing.
  • Where are you located and what areas do you service?
    We are located in White Lake, MI, our main service area is Oakland County. However, we are always willing to travel. Traveling outside of Oakland County or the state will affect the cost of a project. Looking to get a quote? Please click the 'Get Quote' button on our website to recieve your quote today!
  • Is your work Guaranteed?
    Yes, our goal is to make sure the photos and videos we produce far exceed our customers expectations. If you are not satisified with the photos and or videos, we will re-shoot the footage free of charge!
  • Is Galactic Droneography FAA Part 107 Certified?
    Yes, we are insured Part 107 certified. Under the current 14 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 107 Regulations, commercial drone pilots are required to carry a Part 107 Certification. In addition owner & operator Chase Flynn graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics with a Minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems. Not only do we understand and follow the FAA regulations, but our vast knowledge of the aeronautical industry and sciences ensure a safe operation everytime.
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